It is a privilege to live in Ostrobothnia, life here is good. How can we make sure that you feel that way also in 2021? Let us know!
The regional government reform will give you more freedom. It will allow you to choose your service providers, but you will also have more possibilities to influence your own region.
Ostrobothnia - Your region
How will Ostrobothnia change? We are buildning an even stronger region - together with its inhabitants.
Regional government reform: Ostrobothnia 2021

We are building a new, stronger region

The regions in Finland are changing. Even though there still will be 18 regions in 2021, the structure of the regional organisations will be different. Here in Ostrobothnia we see the reform as a possibility to build an even stronger region than before - a task we'd like to do together with the inhabitants.

The health, social services and regional government reform is one of the biggest administrative and operational overhauls in Finland. The reorganisation of the regional and municipal tasks impacts the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people and affects the services of every citizen in the country. It also has an effect on the financial resources, steering and taxation of healthcare and social welfare services. The aim is to transfer the organisation of healthcare and social services and other regional services to counties as of 1 January 2021.

On a regional level the organisation responsible for the reform is the regional council.

What about the services?

As an inhabitant you will get the service you need at any of the organisations involved also during the reorganisation process.

We also would love to hear what you think is important when building an even stronger region of Ostrobothnia. 

More information in Finnish and Swedish

You can read more about the reform in Ostrobothnia on this website's Finnish and Swedish pages. For more general information, please have a look at the reform's official site alueuudistus.fi.

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